Zhongqing Net Review: See "Long" in "Short", "useless" "useful"

  Recently, the unknown love sociology class entered the "Quartet", "Socius", and Shen Fudi, associate professor Shen Yifu, the symptoms of contemporary young men and women, through various "bold" " The discourse expression of the union, giving love, family, male and female in the marriage. Through this unique live broadcast, the majority of netizens feel that it seems that serious university professors, also chasing trends, and a fresh personality. Expert scholars who are committed to network sciences are not in a small number, usually difficult to touch, or only on TV screens, and frequently unveiled short video platforms, take the initiative to bring close to netizens. In fact, with the Internet video traffic dividend, homogeneous entertainment content is easy to cause audience aesthetic fatigue, and the audience’s interest is no longer as "interesting", and it has a huge demand for "useful". Knowledge products become an important part of the platform and users, and more and more people have begun to learn knowledge in different fields on a short video platform. To this end, short video platforms like a quick hand also brings diversified content and model to adapt to the understanding of the general public.

  Knowledge is ok, and the circle is rare.

The era of short video is booming, people are happy to see more "universities without a wall".

More and more expert scholars are also willing to break academic fences, with the help of the online platform "unpausedance", use popular language, such as "The Father" Ouyang Ziyuan Academician, the first amber dinosaur in the world Found people Xing Li, etc. According to incomplete statistics, in 18 months since 2020, several major mainstream network platform college teachers’ creators have increased by more than 5 times.

Many professional knowledge can only be learned in college classrooms, in the form of practical, novel, interesting, and seeing the "ivory tower" to "People’s Home". The strong combination of quality knowledge and short video platforms not only produces forward communication, but also expands the space of young people to understand the world, but also makes relevant experts and scholars become large V. Sub-segment, more beneficial to carry out popular science, It also added your feelings. Online, the knowledge is sinking, "You don’t go, I have a sense!" On "" on "and" under ", it is a short video, live broadcast and other innovative interactive service methods. As a technical empowerment, the short video platform allows thousands of ordersmen to get the right and participation rights, and also inspire the huge enthusiasm of the people.

It is understood that the "photosynthetic new new new job" plan launched in April, the goal is to let 100 new knowledge sharing officers, 1000 two-handed people, 10,000 new people accumulated 100 million fans, promoting the development of general knowledge, let More knowledge creators try to achieve. It is exactly in "learning" and "see" the forward cycle, creators and appreciats can reach a consensus, thus discovering a better self among each other.

  In addition, in our inquiry thinking, knowledge learning must be "orthodox" "a very meticulous", but the learning method is greatly innovative. Through live broadcast, short video or even detachment, the knowledge is passed to the audience, causing the speaking and resonance of the audience. Today’s short video platform, conduct science, training interest, brainstorming … In various kinds of knowledge products, the audience of each age group can find "there is always a suitable for you." See "long" in "short", "interesting" more "useful" knowledge video makes learning knowledge sounds.

The "long" here is the long-term learning of learning and the long-termness of learning.

In this regard, short video platforms still have a lot of potential, no matter who wants to have a place, "content win" is the core competitiveness.

The situation in which knowledge products have emerged, allowing people to get more higher quality ideas, so that more common sense and logic have become an important support for the development of perspective and life. Billion-million young people are the "Natives" of the Internet Age, fully activate their subjective initiative to knowledge learning, and a "trend".

In short video platforms, there is only "knowledge net red" "learning big coffee", there are also hundreds of millions of traffic, such popularity, really happy. (Xie Weifeng).