Yifei County, Guizhou: Implementing the "Prevention and Control Manager" of the fingertips, so that the epidemic prevention personnel are convenient and provincial

"Your pig is supuged, you can inject a vaccine.

"Inquiry, view, registration, photo, epidemic prevention, upload information … Prevention and Control Manager "App, from the query registration, epidemic prevention to the information upload, complete the complete epidemic prevention process of a pig in just 5 minutes. 5 minutes to complete the epidemic prevention process, this is what Li Lin did not dare to think.

"In the past, we used the paper version of the file. Every time I launched a lot of information. After I came back, I still had to spend a long time aggregated data. I can’t finish a village for ten or a half, not only workload. Big, data is not very precise.

"Li Lin said that the working procedure is cumbersome, the grassroots epidemic prevention work should be climbed to the mountains, walk the village, and the one-year shoes must run a few pairs. It is not said that the key is not high." But now it is good. " , You see, just a little finger, the data declaration summary is a good, and it is convenient and saving.

"The same is" Prevention and Control Manager "animal epidemic prevention information management platform, also has Li Zhichun, the veterinary technical cadres of Shiji Town, according to him, in the original animal epidemic prevention mode, the village-level epidemic prevention personnel must summarize Data is reported to the town agriculture center, and the town agricultural center staff must also summarize the data and check the nuclear pair, and the time is laborious.

Now, he only needs to log in to "Prevention and Control Manager" on the computer, you can view the number, immune situation, the number of immune situation, and the work traces of the work traces of the current cattle, the work of the epidemic prevention personnel. "Animal Quarantine Certificate" provides basic data. "Through the platform, we can fully verify the actual epidemic prevention of the village-level epidemic prevention person. If the cost of the epidemic prevention staff is slow, we can also find and urge the completion in the first time." Li Zichun said, by using the system, save the statistics aggregation The work session saves humanity, but also supervises the work of the overtesting personnel in the town, improves the incident rate, injection rate and antibody pass rate, and the quality and quantity completion of epidemic prevention tasks. The use of "prevention and control butler" animal epidemic prevention information management platform is that the pilot counting of national digital rural pilots and the provincial animal epidemic prevention model reform and innovation, accelerating the successful attempts of the introduction of grassroots animal epidemic prevention. It is understood that Yifei County is an opportunity to carry out pilot work, combined with the requirements of animal epidemic prevention work and the requirements of grassroots service management at all levels at the state, provinces, municipalities and counties, in accordance with the "first pilot, comprehensive development, steadily advancement, innovation" Working ideas, build a stop animal prevention and control big data management service cloud platform, promoting county animal epidemic prevention to digital, accurate, real-time development, and realizes the fingertips, carrying animal epidemic prevention services.

"We tried to break the pain points in the grassroots epidemic prevention work through various methods. Later, he was inspired by several exchanges, decided to use new technology, develop a cloud database, cloud host, and front-end display as one information. The management platform, that is, the prevention and control manager is now used. "Yuan Lin, the staff of the animal anti-inspection service department of Yifeng County Animal Herb Technology Development Service Center, said that heterogeneous data can be easily completed through the" prevention and control butler "management cloud platform. Collecting, dispersion data integration, achieving organic fusion of internal dispersion data and external data, achieving data sharing, process tracking, intelligent analysis, platform scheduling, early warning forecast, and paperless office, etc., can provide supervision departments, epidemic prevention personnel, Different objects such as farms (households), pet hospitals. Acquisition of pesticides on the epidemic of the peaks.

"We will continue to explore and optimize upgrade platforms, combined with national, provincial, municipal, county work deployment and farmers, and further promote epidemic prevention with mobile Internet, big data analysis, client technical means, resolve industry management and service The field management innovation, continuous improvement of service ‘three farmers’ work levels. "Yuan Lin said.

Up to now, there are 11 townships (streets) of the county (street) "prevention and control butler" to achieve 100% full coverage, 131 technician service terminal users, 380,000 storage and epidemic prevention information, effectively crack the grassroots animal epidemic prevention management and service "final A km "problem. Source of manuscript: Yongxian integration media center;