Zhengzhou opened 24-hour hotline to provide material security services in sealing area residents

The conference site. People’s Daily reporter Wang Yuxing photo People’s Network Zhengzhou November 4th (Wang Yuxing, Cheng Minghui, Schi) On November 4 And risk level, in this case, how to effectively protect the supplies of materials in the prevention and control area? How is the "rice bag" guarantee for the people of the city? On November 4th, Zhengzhou City held a new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control press conference, and Li Yingchun, three-level researcher, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, answered questions about the reporters.

Li Yingchun introduced that in accordance with the report of the announcement, closed-loop management in the sealing area, strictly implement the "temperature measurement scanning code" measures, and reduce the flow of people.

At the same time, the notice is regulated, and the business superior, convenience stores, farmer’s markets, and medical institutions are working closely related to residents’ lives. In order to ensure the supply of the residents of the sealing area, the residents of the prevention and control area, Zhengzhou City has taken a number of measures: immediately start the emergency preservation plan.

After the announcement of Zhengzhou City on the implementation of classification management, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce immediately according to the established "Zhengzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Supply Protection Protection Program", it clarified the supply reserve, transportation guarantee, material supply, market monitoring, business super anti-prevention Control and other aspects of key content, order to prevent exemption prevention and control.

Increase the source of supply.

Keep staring at Zhengzhou City Key Supply Enterprise, such as Wanbang Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, Zhengzhou Shuanghui Food Co., Ltd., Henan Tibetan Golden Warehousing Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Huide Husbandry Development Co., Ltd. , China Resources Wanjia, Beijing Hualian supermarket, etc.

Fully guarantee sales.

After the epidemic, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce immediately asked Zhengzhou commercial enterprises to quickly start the emergency plan of the epidemic situation, supervise the city’s large-scale commercial super, convenience stores, etc., strict implementation of epidemic prevention measures, strictly implement wearing masks, temperature measurement, scan code, disinfection, etc. Measures to ensure the normal operation of commercial enterprises in our city.

Start the price monitoring mechanism. The Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce immediately set up a group of market monitoring work, and took more than 100 sample points in the city to carry out the monitoring of life necessities, timely masters of rice, etc., the price changes and sales of life necessities, sales and prices for market sales Change, fluctuations, timely master and research. Precise solve the needs of residents in the sealing area.

The Municipal Bureau of Commerce requested the local relevant departments to open a 24-hour hotline to provide precise material security services for residents in the sealing area. Li Yingchun introduced that, at the same time, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce has been fully prepared for government reserves, will closely track the supply and price changes in life necessities, if necessary, start the government reserve meat vegetable emergency deal. "According to the current situation, the city and the sealing area, the necessities supply is sufficient, the price is stable." Li Yingchun said, Dennis, Yonghui, Century Lianhua, Beijing Hualian, Zhengxo Sida, China Resources Wanjia and other large-scale chain Super business order is normal, sufficient supply, smooth sales.

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