Zhejiang Wen Cheng: Science and Technology Specialist leads the local people to take the "technology hematopoietic"

  Introducing technology to solve crop pest disease problems in 132 mu of kiwifruit planting base in Zhushan Village, Eryuan Town, Zhao Chun, a scientific and technological specialist, looked at a round and full kiwi. "Our kiwifruit is now sold to all parts of the country, and the output is more than one-third more than last year." Zhao Chun said.

  But in a few years ago, it was a distinctive scene.

Ulcer disease This has devastating bacterial diseases, making farmers suffer serious losses. In 2017, Zhu Longjing from Wenzhou Agricultural Sciences was sent to Eryuan Town to serve as a science and technology specialist.

Zhu Long Jing’s arrival, completely changed this situation. "We introduced some technologies, especially in greenhouse covers the effect of avoiding rain and cultivation.

Of course, we also combine other management methods, including trim, methods, etc.

Zhu Long Jing said.

  In addition to solving ulcer disease, Zhu Longjing also introduced a variety of emerald, radius, shamrock and other crop species, laminated technology test demonstrations, and introducing mechanization, saving management technology, and acres, the increasing, provincial, and has nearly 3,000 yuan.

  Lin Zhu, deputy director of Eryuan Town, said: "For Eryuan Town, science and technology specialists provide a strong technical support for the development of Eryuan agricultural industries.

The most core is the pest control of crops. Through their training and field guidance, the major crop morbidity rate is controlled below 5%, and the per mu production is increased by more than 15%, and the output value increases by more than 20%.