What is the story cloud concept development study History Tingbao design alterations, Liu inscription of a long dry bridge, behind?

Your browser does not support playback of this video, please upgrade to the latest browser. Modern Express News long dry bridge in Nanjing Zhonghua Gate Castle outside, across the Qinhuai River, connecting walls, bridge vehicles and pedestrians coming and going.

Bridge "long dry bridge" Emotion strong words, title in July 1951.

Do you know who these three words out of hand? Who designed the bridge, but also interested in what the story behind the public can "Rise early journey Heart Will Go On – the history of the Communist Party of China in Jiangsu Exhibition" to find the answer online pavilion.

Name long dry bridge of the old names for the "long dry years." Li Bai, a "long dry line" so that "childhood" this romantic idiom forever linked with the long dry years together.

△ 1951 year blown off in the war Nanjing long dry bridge reconstruction traffic "this photo on display at the exhibition, taken in 1951, blown off in the war Nanjing long dry bridge reconstruction opened to traffic." August 20 day, historical exhibition preparatory work leading group office outline script Hu Zoran team of staff, to tell you the story behind a long dry bridge old photographs.

Black and white photo filled with a strong flavor of the era, the wide deck bicycle, car shuttle, the wall far from the "urban and rural economic prosperity" and other words legible.

If closer look, you can still see domestic brand "Warrior" brand advertising. Modern Express reporter learned that, in early December 1937 Battle of Nanjing started, the Chinese armed forces to stop the enemy quickly through the moat, bridge prior Zhata Qing dynasty two years to rebuild the bridge in the middle of a long dry body.

Subsequently, the Japanese invaders erected pontoon siege in the west of China Simon.

After the fall of Nanjing, Japanese troops and the puppet regime in order to restore the south of the traffic, near the building after dismantling for timber, built a temporary wooden bridge on the former site of the long dry bridge.

Among the seven years thereafter, the city of Nanjing puppet regime has not specifically rebuilt too long dry bridge. After the war, part of the old bridge piers, even cracked a result of the collapse of disrepair.

"After the founding of new China, the Communist Party of China led the people to heal the wounds of war, restore economic development. Earlier more than ten years has not been rebuilt pier serious security risks existing long dry bridge, the people’s government was quickly included in the municipal building plan .

"Hu Hu Zoran Zoran says △ showcase next year to come up with this black and white photo Tingbao design draft copy version, displays a yellowed document, above the record." Rebuild long dry bridge "and graphic material:" According to October 1950 Nanjing-second time to rebuild people’s congress long dry bridge urban and rural areas in order to facilitate the exchange of goods, to ensure that water and land transportation safety decision, the people’s government put this significant project to the construction Bureau organized. "Hu Zoran introduced at that time, reconstruction and long dry bridge is a lot of repair work conduct together." Communist Party of Nanjing Local History 1949-1978, "a book described the matter:" Since 1950, the city’s comprehensive restoration with more than two years river embankment 210 km, ten thousand cubic meters of earthwork completed: the construction of dikes and later many times, and rebuild the long dry bridge, a total of 14 three mountain bridge, bridge repairs, to restore traffic, develop production and ensure supply played an important role "△. long dry bridge Hu Zoran introduced, then presided over the design alterations long dry bridge is a famous architect Yang Ting Bao. under Yang Ting Bao design, long dry bridge bridge width is widened from 14-24 m. site, he also took out the year Yang Ting Bao design draft copy version to compare, "this historical photos on display in the exhibition, people can see Tingbao design of the bridge with a quaint lampposts, bridge side fret floral fence. "△ Liu inscription in the" Nanjing municipal building Zhi "in another important record, after a long dry bridge reconstruction is complete," Liu inscription ‘long dry bridge’ embedded in the bridge railing. "Reporters learned that Nanjing has served the people government’s first mayor Liu is a long dry bridge inscription bridge inscribed his name in 1951, is still embedded in the bridge.

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