Xinjian: Leisure holiday tourism new movement showing special leisure tourism will develop rapidly

Strust publishing a chair. Ningxia Text Hall is a great development in China, China and the Arab countries have a large development space in deep experience, custom travel, and the continuous innovation vitality of China and Arab countries will also promote the deep integration development in these tourism and other fields. . Strong Xinjian believes that the development of technology, especially information technology, as well as the growth of new generation of tourism consumer groups, and special leisure tourism will be rapidly developed.

The new generation of tourism consumer groups acquire information, storage information, and sharing information, and their preferences in technology have promoted the development of special leisure tourism with technology’s impact on the impact of technology. "Tourism is familiar with social, familiar with environmental overflow, and is also a new social relationship, the construction of new consumer environments.

Sociality will become a key point of leisure tourism. "Shuxing Construction believes that paying attention to social atmospheres and discourse mechanisms in tourism." When tourists lost their opportunities with local humanities nature dialogue, they could not get the vitality or will Gradually disappeared. "In addition, Shu Xingjian believes that high quality leisure tourism is the enthusiastic expectation of the market.

Tourism consumption is an important embodiment of the improvement and improvement of life quality, and it is also an important platform for improving and improving the quality of life.

Only high-quality products and services can have a high quality experience; with high quality experiences, there can be a sustainable future of tourism development, while high quality leisure travel comes from sustained innovation.