[City Watchman] "bombing expert" pays for against "epidemic"

Do you know the work of the new crown test room? In Han Bingxue, this work is like "bomb", because some nucleic acid detection samples come from suspected infection, so her and colleagues should be cautious, prevent infection and infectious leakage. Han Snow is a "95" technician of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University. Although the working time is not long, because of the repetition of the new crown epidemics, she has participated in three goals, from Wang Kuixian to Bayan County, and then went to the Heihe City, after the number of nucleic acid samples detected in her hand. "If we are thirsty, I will bear it for a while, and I’m hungry and I will bear a while, I hope that the result can come out" Han Shui is in the face of each nucleic acid sample. "

She said that she is only the most common member of the "epidemic" first line, and each is more practical.

The work experience of three outgoing aids made this "95" girl gradually became mature by the green.

In the face of new champlide, Han Snow’s parents are worried about their daughters every day, but Han Ice is firmly said: "Since there is a need in organizational, I will actively sign up for the anti-vHealth, contribute to a power." Talking about In the past 2021, Han Bingxue smiled and said: "It is more growing in 2021. After experiencing such many anti-vlotenia, I know where I should shoulder the responsibility and mission." The epidemic is ruthless. " Han Snow is the epitome of a thousand million anti-"epidemic" first-line medical staff. They are not afraid of hardship, heroically forward, for the beliefs in the heart, for the responsibility of the shoulders, they are a high wall for ordinary people’s lives, using their hands to escort each person.