Suyang Practice of Suqian "Four" synchronization

Special geographic location brings opportunities and dividends to the people. Village Villages are the Town Town of "Taobao Village", not only becoming a young man who can "get back home", but also brought new opportunities for more than 60,000 farmers in the whole town.

In September this year, the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have introduced the "Four" Synchronous Integrated Reform and Promoting Modernization Construction in Supporting Suqian ". This is the first node that fully builds a new journey of socialism modernization, the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government first specializes in guiding and supporting documents that are introduced to a district market.

The construction of "Four" Synchronization Integration Reform Demonstration Zone is a big question about how to promote new industrialization, informationization, urbanization, agricultural modernization, synchronization, organic connection. At present, Suqian is building the construction of the demonstration zone as the general traction of high-quality development, accelerating the leader towards modernization, and strives to go out of a modern road with the characteristics of Suqian. "Our life is not different in the city", in the Zhutian Town Shunhe Village, the uncle fig planting base, dozens of acres of fig fruit seedlings are falling, ushered in the sleeping period for three or four months.

Sales have entered the off-season in the year, and live sales have also stopped temporarily. A rare leisure time, the boss is not given to himself, and the daily management of the fruit seedlings cannot stop. He is watering the fruit seed in a few days.

In 2008, the 20-year-old historian resurgent returned to his hometown, and the direction of development has not been found.

"I think that I am born in Huayiang, and the ancient story said that the mountains and the water are eating water. I found that there is a good development prospect of fruit tree potting, and I am determined to start doing this industry.

"In the next few years, Shi Changjian screened the seedlings of fruit seedlings and cultivated each fruit seedlings.

In August 2017, Shijian founded more than 30 acres of figs seedlings. Last year, the base was more than 5 million yuan. He has bought three sets of commercial housing in the county in the county, and covered a three-story building in his hometown. "Home integrated stoves, smart refrigerators, water heaters, 5G networks, etc. I feel that life and city have no difference.

"Changjian said. Different from the outdoor flowers, the bob of Shijian cultivated is a kind of nutritious soil in the cup and the cups needed in the cup.

The entire growth cycle, figs have great demand for water, so he has installed hanging spots in the greenhouse. When the summer fruit seedlings are growing season, water is watered once a day.

In order to save water, it is also intelligent to make the green shed, and Shijian plans to transform the existing greenhouse. "I am going to install 4 stirring membranes in each greenhouse. According to the weather, it can be rolled up in the rain, so that the rain is watering the fruit seedlings. If it is not raining, it is treated with hanging sprinkling.

"He is calculated.

When Shijian’s emergency seedlings entered the off-season of sales, Wu Yanyang, who was two kilometers away from the fantasy planting base, Zhenghe seven or eight workers were busy in an orderly manner.

As the weather turned cold, his flower-wood sales ushered in the peak season.

26-year-old Wu Yanyang was originally working in a business unit in Fuyang, with a few thousand yuan per month.

A few years ago, he listened from a friend’s suggestion, resolutely returned to the hometown of Yinshan Village, built thousands of square meters of live broadcast bases, engaged in Huawu E-commerce sales.

At the moment, the Langangsong and Ji Bai and other varieties of the live broadcast base, and the daily can be sold for five or six, and a pot of Rohan Song can sell thousands of yuan. After three years of development, in 2020, Wu Yanyang’s live base pure profit reached nearly 3 million yuan, and he also brought more than a dozen fellow employment. The second entrepreneurial rectification is starting in Yanyang, and more and more people get rich through flowers and trees and flowers and e-commerce.

Yinshan Village in Wu Yanyang planted flowers and trees such as red leaves, holly, and Huangyang. There are more than 200 families engaged in e-commerce sales. The old man who can’t stay in the village, plug in small flowers every day, and the income has tens of yuan to more than 100 yuan. Young intertwined people, handling, flowers, flowers, flowers, a day income for several hundred yuan.

There is also a part of the villagers who choose to work near the village, and the monthly salary is five or six thousand yuan. Wang Gonghua, Yinshan Village, Wang Genhua, in the circular economy industry, and a monthly income of 5,500 yuan. "After the old house in the house, we were placed in the Qianwan Community, and I was only tens of thousands of dollars in this new house.

"Wang Genhua and parents live here, in his view, the environment in all aspects of the new house is much better than before," There is a fitness and leisure place, you can still see a doctor nearby, and it is convenient.

"From 2103, Yinshan Village began to implement demolition concentration.

Once the shabby tile room was gone, it was replaced by a new building.

Every family bought a small car, and the new energy cars also had more, and the bus from the county town has a bus station at the entrance of the community. It is very convenient for the masses.

"The conditions are good, the young people have retained, more and more young people returning to home business in the past few years." Lu Xin, secretary of the party branch of Yinshan Village, said.

"Towed Town has the world of Fuyang Huawang and China, China Fuyang International Flowermall City, two small flower transactions, the annual flower festival, the guests from all over the country gathered in this, and went to a grand event with ‘Huamu’ In addition, there is a express street in our town, and almost all express delivery throughout the country throughout the country.

"The Party Committee Secretary of the Town Town is introduced. It is not just that the" four-term "synchronization effect of" Huang + E-commerce "is displayed throughout the Yangyang." We will take the Qian County to take the first ‘Synchronous development path, secondary entrepreneurial reunion, realize the’ GDP chasing Yang, through the country, the capital is all-in-law, the county economy is among the 50th top 50 "goals, and make more contribute. Peng Wei, secretary of the Fuyang County Party Committee, said. (Editor: Zhang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.