The captain is not only "take the house"

The students who have achieved good results in the field integrated competition in the Army Engineering University, gave Wang Huayu (right one) a big hug.

Luo Kexi, before the stovetime, Wang Huayu, the Top Tourist Party of the School of Communication Engineering, Army Engineering, took the food shovel and fry.

If it is not the rank of the rankings on the shoulders, it is difficult for people to link him as the team leader. Wang Huayu is doing his hand-made dish – hand grab meals and spicy red. In the new semester, this "standard package" can make students feel full.

  Of course, everyone knows that Wang Captain’s "Take Cuisine" is not only like this – last year, in the university "Jingwu-201" military competition, Wang Huayu took the first aid of the battlefield with the second aid of the team, oriented cross-country Three, integrated ranked fifth good results. This girl is the most, the average age of participating teams, why can you stand out from 14 teams? Feng Kexin said, weight, endurance, obstacle, shooting, knowledge map and other special training a lot. In the 3 month, the captain’s physical characteristics, scientific development of the team, helping the players overcome difficulties such as weak base, insufficient experience, and accompany them to grow up. With the encouragement and companionship of the captain, the player Song Peifeng broke his limit and transferring the wounded to the safe zone on the fastest speed. "The captain signed up to participate in the excellent ‘four sessions’ political instructor’s teaching competition!" The news came out, the students disclosed them.

"Captain military is well, can I have a PK?" Many students have this fear, Wang Huayu is no exception: "The last participation of the ‘four will’ competition is 10 years ago, it can’t work I really didn’t have the end. "" "" "" "" " During the preparatory season, in addition to the daily work, Wang Huayu squeezed time to "learn" from the students, instructors and colleagues.

Change the script, practice tags, learn gestures … At that time, the stars at two or three in the morning became his new friend.

Since the brigade tries to be optimistic, the last game will win, the students will praise the "new" new products "on Wang Captain" Take the Menu ". The pattern is done, and everyone knows. Can "understand" there is a little positive, what should I do? "Let’s take a specialty student to the ‘c bit’!" "The correct training posture, which is especially important for the prevention training injury …" Training field, the applause sounded from time to time, "physical small instructors" Wang erotic combined with their own training experience Methods to prevent training injuries to everyone. She is the first to push the "C bit" by Wang Huayu.

  According to the characteristics of the students, they choose the "post" to help them find the positioning, driving the overall efforts – Wang Huayu’s proposal at the Branch Committee passed.

  Next, in Wang Huayu’s careful "baking", "physical small instructors" "English small faculty" "guitar small instructors" have "released", and the academic team helped each other, and the atmosphere of mutual superiority was more strong. The students said: "The Captain, this is a" Fire! "If the students pushed the" C bit "enough, the psychological counseling is the captain Liu Mingzhu’s eye is a" hand dish "of the captain special" Wen ". "No matter which aspect of the heart, the captain can always tell you.

"Liu Mingzhu said," Sometimes he just listens to you quietly, waiting for you ‘bitter water’ spit, see him with a smile and trust, just fine.

"This is not, and Liu Mingzhu, who hits the bottleneck, goes to the team’s office.