The "Chao Tianmen, a brother", "Infantry"

Due to the geography of the geography, it was born with a special group because of the geography of specialty.

They rely on a "great rod" and legs, climb the ridge, and the weight is long, and the cargo is relied on.Zhao Guanghui, known as "Chaotianmen, a brother", is a member of the "Battle Army", this is called by "father and son photo", "ten years, a set of houses", being reported to many media and many other mediaChongqing "non-famous" "good", "transformation" in the era of happiness in the Internet, he just added "hungry" take-away.

To this end, he also worshiped 95 to sell Xiaojo as a teacher, and he is homing to learn how to "transform" becoming a qualified takeaway.Well-known "great" to thank the live broadcast belt, "I have to make money" After the ‘Double 11’, it is a late season, I have to find a way to do it … "In the Chao Tianmen for more than ten years," great "is" great "The seasonal rules of this line have been referred to.

Previously, I have just experienced new winter clothes, the two weeks are the most busy this year, and it is also the best day, and you can earn six or seven hundred yuan. However, the business of "good sticks" will gradually enter the cold winter like the current weather. "Before the Spring Festival, the clothing business will be relatively light, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic is affected. There is a lot of places where our ‘great rod’." For how to spend the off season, Master Yan has anxious as other "great rod". The son is thinking in the third day, and all kinds of overheads.

In order to read the son reading, it is still a housing loan to create better living conditions, in addition to using "good sticks", master almost any physical activity is connected – slag, moving, send furniture … "As long as someone shouts When I have a lot of money, I am willing to do it! The strength, I will return it again … "Master Yan can suffer from the top of the town, and won the Tianmen. A brother. Due to the "Ten Years of Father and Sad", I have been interviewed by hundreds of media in China, including "People’s Daily", CCTV.

After the name, some people have invited the Master to promote the clothing products, some people find the door to hopes that he will open live broadcast.

"I know that I am not that piece, I am a good time." Master Yan almost didn’t hesitate, pushing out the business that opened seductive remuneration.

  In his opinion, although it is currently "cold winter", it is the most practical thing to earn in the face of the whole earth.

  The transition runs takeaway and sells the teacher, selling small brothers, becoming a "infantry", but Ji Guanghui has moved a little more thought.

  He found that there are more and more tall brothers around, and income seems good. One chat, the merchant of Tianmen told him that except "rider", there is also a kind of job for running a "infantry": "You can use your mobile phone to get close to the distance from the distance, don’t ride a motorcycle, climb down the hurdle, walk Delivery, and you are very like! "Chongqing is due to a special terrain, in addition to the common use of battery cars," cavalry ", and a group of" infantry "on your legs. Master Yan knows that after this, I have to force, when doing a "good stick" business, why can’t I send a takeaway like others? So, he asked the family to help him download the app, and apply to become a "infantry".

  Ji Guanghui’s application was quickly passed. After the platform was sent 95, he Hua Yun Y Huayun gave the Guanghui as "Master" and took him into the door. "Just followed the Master to ran a single business, seeing that he took 300 pounds of goods on the fourth floor, admired!" Xiao He didn’t know much about "good stick".

Although he is only half of the master, he is already "old master" in the take-out industry.

  Xiao He gives "apprentice", it is very simple: the first is to pay attention to safety, obey the traffic rules; the second should be installed, if you find it, don’t pick it up. "There is no shortcut to do this, it is quick, accurate and safe to send meals to the guests.

"Ju Guanghui nodded like a primary school.

  Successfully completed the first single and hardships, and the first list of the respect of Jiguanghui is to send two boxes of mineral water and a few bags from Chao Tianmen to white elephants. The distance between kilometers is not a problem. With the supermarket, the goods around 20 pounds, Ji Guanghui put them on the "good bar" and provoked it.

  Seeing that Ji Guanghui used the phone to pick the phone, it was not very skilled, and Xiao He Joi closed his own order system, all the way to the master, helping him. 51-year-old Ji Guanghui walked in front, the pace was quickly and robust, and He Huiyun still can’t keep up.

  Master Yan is familiar with the terrain of the Tianmen area. You don’t have to watch navigation. After more than ten minutes, the goods are handed over to the hands of white elephants. He clicked "confirm" and served smoothly. "Twenty pounds of goods are too easy.

"Ji Guanghui said, I feel that it is necessary to send a takeaway or more than the" good stick ", and after you can pick some orders on the take-out platform. He said that running takeaway is also good, use" stick War "" Water Supply, "As long as you can suffer, you can find money! Can win everyone’s respect! "Now, for him, just a platform that can use" good sticks ".

  Strive to fight the "great rod" transformation, both simple and difficult, even if there is no photo of him, Master is still the most popular "great" in the Tianmen market. 365 days a year, except for half a month in the Spring Festival shopping mall, he has to come to the goods, shipped.

The wind and rain are unimpeded, a phone, followed by anytime, anywhere. In the Internet age, the transformation is simple and difficult to transform. Simple, the original labor habits are constant.

It is difficult to learn and become familiar with the process of online.

  According to "hungry" data, the number of "infantry" in Chongqing is ranked first in the national city. "Some sites ‘infantry’ has more than a dozen people.

"Chongqing" hungry "relevant person in charge, said that many business circles in Chongqing are parking, but they are not very convenient, but there are many short-distance order demand, so they have targeted" infantry "- – They usually take a meal delivery, most of them are orders from 1 km.

"I hope that under the leadership of the master, there will be more ‘great rods’ to join the Internet for takeaway delivery.

With this way of flexible employment, you can continue to work hard to work hard in the off-season (November to November every year). "Chongqing Morning News · Upper Reaches Journalists Ji Wenyi Song Jian (Editor: Chen Yi, Liu Zhengning) Share more people to see.