Sichuan: The first batch of 229 items realized "provincial inside"

[] The first batch of 229 items realized the "province’s internal service" covers high-frequency matters such as household registration migration, medical insurance social security, recently, in order to facilitate the enterprise masses in the provincial cross-regional office, Sichuan Province’s large data center "Sichuan Province’s first batch "Provincial Department" matters list ".

  The list of matters involved in this task is 229, and the business handling model of the matter has the "full network" "Off-site entrustment, local collection", "all-place authorization, local handling" "more land", currently 190 things Can be held in the network.

The matter mainly involves 19 departments (units) such as Provincial Public Security Department, Civil Affairs Department, Human Social Hall, Housing and Construction Department, Ministry of Transport, Provincial Market Supervision, cover household registration, medical insurance social security, provident fund extraction, enterprise and individual industrial and commercial households High-frequency matters such as registration, effectively solve the masses in different places, and enterprises cross-regional business doration requires "multi-race" "re-run" problem.

  According to the reporter, more than 60 matters in the list can be tuned immediately in the province, and all matters will be handled at the end of October this year.

At the same time, the provincial data center simultaneously establishes a list of regular update mechanisms in the provincial data center. In the later period, the joint relevant departments and units will launch more "provincial inside" matters, so that the masses are off-site, and the line is processed.

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